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Fatal Farm is a medical devices company formed after its founders, Zachary Johnson & Jeffrey Max, secured a portfolio of patents related to build processes of polycarbonate heart valves in a forced estate sale. The transaction is under challenge by the inventor's children, but Fatal Farm is confident the court will uphold the legality of the acquisition.


While awaiting the repeal of this meritless injunction, Zachary and Jeffrey spend their free time directing pre-roll ads in multiple aspect ratios to accommodate toilet-bound viewing audiences. You can avoid the majority of their work by clicking the 'Skip Ad' button, which becomes selectable a few seconds into the runtime of their spots. If you prefer not to see their work at all, install the Adblock Plus extension and subscribe to streaming services at a premium ad-free tier. If you encounter an unskippable ad of theirs, open a new tab in your browser to visit another site while it plays. Right click the tab with the ad and select 'Mute Site' from the pop-up context menu.

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